Jughead's Revenge

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For bands who don't get enough credit
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Jughead's Revenge

This happens to be one of my favorite bands of all times, and I don't think they get enough credit....
So come here to talk about Jug(head)'s Revenge, or other indie/punk bands that don't get enough credit!!

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The Big Lawsuit

By now you have probably have heard that Jugg's Revenge has lost its name due to Archie comics feeling the band was in copyright violations. This all to come 11 years after the start of the band. We are all very saddened by this turn of events. As of September we will no longer be Jugg's Revenge. Hard to believe but its true. So we ask ourselves what's next?

With the new name Jugg's Revenge we basically had no choice in the saying in order to keep the records in the same bin location. So no joke about there being a porno magazine called Jugg's. With our luck maybe that will be our next lawsuit?

One thing is true the name will be changed on all cd, lp format so get your hands on a collectors item before the name is changed on all cds. I think they will still be in press until september of this year.

With all these Napster debates, we recommed you download all you can of Jugg's Revenge back catolog due to a lot of the old material will be out of print and not available in stores. Im sure you will still find Jugg's Revenge mp3s on the net so enjoy and we will see you on napster.

-- ( Jughead's Revenge

::Lyric of Today::

contributed by JOE "Gonzo" GONZALES
hear these words
this is the end of your
meat head world
here today
dead tomorrow
your the plague of shows
the nightmare's out
punch me in the pit
makes me wanna kill
you can bully us for so long
im gonna laugh when your gone
your there
protect no one but the promoters
money and cut
kick my ass if i stagedive
go through my shit
before i go inside
you pay at the door
they knock you down
take your scene back
show them how
kill security now

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